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Is this the age of ‘U’niqueissance- Renaissance Mark 2 ?

Let us take a journey back to the hey days of the Renaissance,when the likes of Michelangelo, Leonardo Da Vinci created masterpieces that we still marvel at.

What is so admirable is that both of them and many of their generation engaged in and pursued their many talents during their lifetime – Michelangelo a sculptor, poet, painter, engineer and architect ; Leonardo Da Vinci a painter, inventor, architect, musician, mathematician, inventor, geologist, botanist and writer to name a few.

They did not appear to constrained by the “qualifications” that they earned (engineer, doctor, lawyer, environmentalist, etc.) and stuck in an office working in the same stream by virtue of what they had studied.

They were comfortable in pursuing their wide and varied talents and excelled in them. They might have been labelled rebels in their time – or trail blazers.

In essence, they were expressing their individuality in what they did and not who they were portrayed to be.

They probably faced criticism from peers and family with comments such as not being able to “hold on to one job” or “not fulfilling their promise” because they moved around so much.

And yet, today, their achievements still stand tall.

We look at them with awe and sometimes dream of an era when the free spirit and enterprise that they displayed will come back to the fore.

It appears that this era is on usThe age of ‘U’niquessance is here.

The essence of ‘U’ is what companies now look for. One’s uniqueness is what adds value and brings meaning in work, in our life and seamless integration of work and life.

More people are looking at the “why” in what they want to do, rather than focusing on “what” they do. The purpose steers the interest and the passion.

These are exciting times as one can re-engage with ones inner desires and dreams and create the work and role that will bring out the best in them.

Social media, technology and the connected world allows one to bring out that unique you and the rebirth of the new Renaissance Mark 2 : The age of ‘U’niquessance.

This has to be exciting!!!



When is the right time to change careers or life direction?

It is not easy to decide when to change careers or life direction.

A system I have adopted over 38 years of my working life was to do a “where am I” audit (“career or life balance sheet”) on the annual anniversary of the day I joined the company. I would ask myself the following questions:
1. Am I an asset or a liability to the company?
2. Is the company an asset or a liability to me?
If the liabilities exceeded the assets or was fast approaching it, I would review what I really loved to do next, and do it.
This has led to wonderful vastly different careers in various countries in engineering (transport and power), executive management (transport and insurance and finance), education (management and leadership, insurance and finance) and now consulting and social work.

The changes require effort but the rewards are phenomenal.

Is it time to do your “career or life balance sheet”?

3+1+1=10 Work, Life and Persona integration model

The 9 to 5, five-day week is a thing of the past.

Technology has ensured that work has encroached into life, beyond the office, at weekends, during holidays and permeates every facet of our life.

What if we could change the paradigm so that we could have it all – work, life and being true to our very self – our persona.

Why can we not turn technology to better use and modify our days, at a certain point in life, to embrace life, work and our persona?

3+1+1 is an attempt to do just that.

It is about taking the best of work, and that could be different things to different people, and earning enough in 3 days of the traditional working week, to thrive and grow by undertaking challenges that inspire and results in financial returns to continue having the best of work and also keep relevant in the ever-changing world. One could embark on corporate consulting based on previous expertise as an example.

It is about focusing and dedicating 1 day of the traditional working week on continual learning and self-development, and undertaking activities that assist others in developing to their full potential. One could embark on mentoring others, or public speaking as motivational experiences for others whilst pursuing hobbies, attending professional development sessions, etc.

And finally it is about dedicating 1 day of the traditional working week doing work, voluntarily for organisations that would welcome this effort in making the world a better place.

This could be a 3+1+1 Work, Life and Persona model with a focus on integrating all aspects that are required for a balanced life, and one that acknowledges the great benefits of work as necessary for generating an income, but also as a means of expression of one’s talents and ambitions.

It also acknowledges that unless one has breathing space for doing the things that make us who we are, and often this is through life experiences beyond work, there could be regrets in the later years.

Finally, it allows for individuality to be expressed in whatever form one chooses. Work and life do not define the persona. The individual, in realising their true ambitions and talents, express their persona – the essence of self. Often, this is what people identify with and relate to when they meet someone.

3+1+1 results in a multiplier satisfaction effect and hence 3+1+1=10.

This may be a model for those who are seeking new career transitions, have some capital as back up, and an entrepreneurial streak. But fundamentally, it is about seeking and attaining more out of life.

There is a certain point, where one needs to assess if this is for them. It certainly is not for all.

30:45:60- Are we there yet? Not on your life…

How often in your life and career have you been judged over the hill?

And how have landmark years like 30 or 45 or 60 seemed like hurdles rather than milestones that enable you to reassess and review how your life and career are going?

It is often said that some people are lucky in life, careers, choices, etc. but one has only to look at how those people invested time, effort and sacrificed short term gains for long term success. They have created new destinies that suit their personas and not lived the norm.

Indeed, their journey would have had challenges, but they would be the first to say that they had no regrets.

The process of ageing has a profound purpose. In youth, one aspires for different things, and dynamic adventures, thrill seeking travel, and all things fast appeal. As one fulfills those desires, often career fulfillment and achievements along with material possessions takes precedence.

As one approaches the later years, reflective practices and choice travels take the foreground and a sense of fulfillment borne out of taking the “road not often trodden” allows one to be adventurous again- in whatever way one chooses.

Some pursue social and community work, others opt to support those in need beyond their family circles, and yet others take to hobbies that they always wanted to pursue but arguably did not have the time for.

Whatever one chooses, there needs to be a plan, a goal, and a new sense of purpose as the new journey is yet another career choice- albeit in the unconventional work sense.

Keep abreast of technology, embrace the changes in the world, capitalise on your strengths to support new ventures, get involved in making the world a better place and provide the wisdom for others to succeed.

Are we there yet? Not on your life…………….