Mentoring program

BTS Mentoring program:

BTS offers mentoring services for executives, middle managers and individuals who want much more out of their lives.

Increasingly, rapid changes in our world cause individuals to struggle with the challenges presented by the new environment.

There are those who need guidance on how to develop themselves to cope with the change, those who wish to move up the career ladder and others who have thought about their future but need a sounding board to strengthen their resolve.

BTS brings to the mentoring program depth and reach of experience including:

  • wide and varied career moves in transport and power engineering, management and leadership education and financial services
  • senior executive roles in transport, insurance and finance and management and leadership education
  • life experiences and cultural sensitivities gained from living in Africa, India, United Arab Emirates and  Australia,
  • undertaking challenging projects overseas in countries including New Zealand, Malaysia, Fiji, Mauritius, India and the UAE
  • education at universities in India, Australia and Harvard Business School
  • representation on advisory boards and committees in the financial services industry and universities

BTS thus offers a unique mentoring experience that unleashes the potential within individuals to cope with change and thrive on the new experiences that come with exploration of new ventures.

BTS has the training and expertise gained from undertaking the coaching and mentoring program through Dattner Grant , being a mentor for MBA graduates through the Monash Alumni Association mentoring program, establishing the mentoring program for the Australian and New Zealand Institute of Insurance and Finance (ANZIIF) and conducting numerous mentoring programs for executives, and aspiring leaders in organisations.

BTS complements the mentoring experiences with supporting material from the workshops on offer.


Clim came across INA’s path through the Whitehorse Council Business Group. That was a tremendously profound introduction as Clim has journeyed with INA the past 4 years and been a personal mentor to me when I needed counsel. He earned the respect of every single staff with his facilitation skills as well as strategic planning. Clim did not shirk from any complex or difficult situation that INA had to navigate through and has been a calming and strategic influence for the whole organization to achieve excellence in our strategic thinking and planning. Thank you Clim

Pri Fernando, Chief Executive Officer, International Needs Australia (INA)

Clim mentored me throughout an important period of my career, helping me transition to more senior roles and to frame my thinking so that I was able to find the right working environment, aligned to my passion. Being his mentee has assisted me immensely both professionally and personally, as he looks at your overall life goals and commitments, not just those within your work environment. His 3+1+1 model is genius and although I’m not quite there yet personally, I think this a model that would help people and companies to meet their full potential and optimal happiness levels. I have the utmost respect for Clim and find him to be motivational and inspiring to absolutely live your best life and stay true to your goals. He is an example of a great leader who truly leads by example – he has achieved so much and continues to further himself still. I must thank Clim for everything he has done for me and I would highly recommend him to those who are looking to accelerate their careers (and lives)! 

Louise Donellan, Strategic Marketing Consultant, Account and Project Management, Two Crowns Marketing

“Clim has been providing consultancy services in risk management and strategic planning for Tamper Evident on an as required basis since early 2015.

His strategic insights and attention to detail as well as balance between risk management and risk appetite has enabled me to look at business opportunities in a new light.

It has been wonderful discussing business scenarios and looking at the wider environment to create new opportunities for the business.

Clim is a no frills person, an excellent sounding board for me and is a mentor enabling me to brainstorm and test ideas in a thought-provoking and challenging manner.

I have no hesitation in recommending Clim for consultancy services in the business management and leadership domain”.

Tony Renkin, Managing Director, Tamper Evident Pty. Ltd. 

“I have worked closely with Clim for the last two years in his capacity as a volunteer of The Salvation Army. He has worked with me on multiple projects revolving around the development of our leaders and managers.

Clim’s contributions have been numerous. His commitment and dedication to supporting our work has been second to none. His background and insights in the area of leadership and management have added value not just to our projects, but to individual participants of our programs.

Clim’s particular strength has been his ability to absorb himself in our culture and draw on his impressions to assist us to develop appropriate strategies that are relevant to our context. He hasn’t just developed this understanding because he has had to – he has a genuine interest and passion for this.

I have especially valued the ability to brainstorm around key issues and challenges with Clim, and take advantage of his valuable insights and innovative ideas to help move our projects forward. Clim’s involvement in our leadership and management programs – including a strategic focus workshop and our TRANSFORM leadership Development Program – has made them better and stronger than they otherwise would have been.

Clim is not a volunteer, or a consultant, or an employee. He is a highly respected member of the team who has built positive relationships not just with his immediate team, but with all key stakeholders. I would have no hesitation in recommending Clim as a valuable partner to any organisation that is looking to address strategic and/or leadership issues and challenges”.

Janelle Murley, Leadership Development Consultant, The Salvation Army Southern Territory

“Clim Pacheco has been volunteering with The Salvation Army (TSA), Southern Territory since July 2013 in a senior advisory capacity whilst undertaking specific project work to inform and develop a quality volunteer engagement framework.

Clim’s extensive corporate experience in risk and change management has provided invaluable support in the presentation and acceptance of TSA’s Volunteer Engagement Blue Print by the senior executive team.

Clim has been consistent and reliable to his voluntary commitment. He is generous with his advanced skills and knowledge, and provides considerable wisdom on how to influence change. This coupled with his warm, approachable nature and ability to be simultaneously personal and professional, has made Clim a strong mentor for multiple members in our teams.

We are very grateful for Clim’s invaluable contribution, and would highly recommend him as a mentor and/or consultant”

Penny Aquino, Territorial Volunteer Resources Director, The Salvation Army, Australia Southern Territory

“Clim has worked as a consultant with IBSA throughout 2013- 2014 on a number of Industry and Government projects and also participated as a member on the National Project reference group.

We found his work to be of a high standard, very methodical and he brought forth great sector insights and expertise which was invaluable.

His interpersonal skills and mentoring skills were of great strength and refreshing to the projects and to his work.

It was a pleasure to have worked with Clim and highly recommend his work and his ability to build on great relationships and transfer his knowledge & expertise. No project is too hard!!!”

Demmi Paris, Industry Manager- Innovation and Business Skills Australia (IBSA)

“Clim is the very definition of a business professional. I know very few people with the drive, social conscious, desire for success and comprehensive knowledge of bringing business opportunities and people together.

As a creative business thinker, Clim’s strategic insights and leadership is instrumental to his success.  He brings a rare set of international skills and experience in challenging industries such as transport and education.  From project management, strategic and risk management and executive-based mentoring, I have had the privilege to work along side Clim in many successful client interactions.

I strongly recommend Clim for any tasks requiring such important business skills”.

Mark James, Manager- Australian Institute of Company Director

“My role is to facilitate a new era of learning and development for all levels of Salvation Army personnel in Southern Australia (this exceeds 10,000 people).  We are seeking to establish a culture – and associated programs and procedures – that allow all our people to be supported in targeted growth activities.

Over the past year Clim has engaged with me and members of my team on a weekly basis as we develop and implement our strategies.

Clim’s high level background in a range of industries, including leadership education, has been a significant resource to us.  He has been variously a companion on the journey, a sounding board, a mentor, a critical friend, a source of new ideas, a presenter and an encourager.

We greatly appreciate his input up to now and look forward to an ongoing relationship”.

Jim Weymouth (Major), Coordinator |Catherine Booth College, Director|School for Learning & Development, The Salvation Army, Australia Southern Territory

“Clim was instrumental in driving the cultural change at ANZIIF to a more project management based philosophy. It was my absolute honour to report directly to him while he headed the Project Management Office (PMO) at ANZIIF.

I honestly could not have asked for a better manager/mentor. Clim was not only a project management expert, he was also an inspiring coach and consultant to project leaders and teams.

I was particularly grateful for the 3 month mentoring program with him when I was at the cross roads of my career and felt a little stuck.

The advice and activities that Clim designed specifically to my needs brought clarity to the situation and gave me the confidence to pursue my goals in project and change management.

I still turn to him after all these years for career and professional development advice.”

Leanne Duong, Manager Project Management Office (PMO), Australian and New Zealand Institute of Insurance and Finance

“Clim- Just a quick note to say many thanks for being my mentor in 2013, in my new role. You provided me with the insight, knowledge and the support I required to tackle the new job role, be able to fit the pieces together as to “who’s-who “in the Financial services sector , but also giving me the confidence to  settle in applying the learnings to my work.

Many thanks… couldn’t have started on a positive without your help”.

Demmi Paris 

Balanced scorecard of life-Clim Pacheco