Mentoring program

BTS Mentoring program:

BTS offers mentoring services for executives, middle managers and individuals who want much more out of their lives.

Increasingly, rapid changes in our world cause individuals to struggle with the challenges presented by the new environment.

There are those who need guidance on how to develop themselves to cope with the change, those who wish to move up the career ladder and others who have thought about their future but need a sounding board to strengthen their resolve.

BTS brings to the mentoring program depth and reach of experience including:

  • wide and varied career moves in transport and power engineering, management and leadership education and financial services
  • senior executive roles in transport, insurance and finance and management and leadership education
  • life experiences and cultural sensitivities gained from living in Africa, India, United Arab Emirates and  Australia,
  • undertaking challenging projects overseas in countries including New Zealand, Malaysia, Fiji, Mauritius, India and the UAE
  • education at universities in India, Australia and Harvard Business School
  • representation on advisory boards and committees in the financial services industry and universities

BTS thus offers a unique mentoring experience that unleashes the potential within individuals to cope with change and thrive on the new experiences that come with exploration of new ventures.

BTS has the training and expertise gained from undertaking the coaching and mentoring program through Dattner Grant , being a mentor for MBA graduates through the Monash Alumni Association mentoring program, establishing the mentoring program for the Australian and New Zealand Institute of Insurance and Finance (ANZIIF) and conducting numerous mentoring programs for executives, and aspiring leaders in organisations.

BTS complements the mentoring experiences with supporting material from the workshops on offer.

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