3+1+1=10 Work, Life and Persona integration model

The 9 to 5, five-day week is a thing of the past.

Technology has ensured that work has encroached into life, beyond the office, at weekends, during holidays and permeates every facet of our life.

What if we could change the paradigm so that we could have it all – work, life and being true to our very self – our persona.

Why can we not turn technology to better use and modify our days, at a certain point in life, to embrace life, work and our persona?

3+1+1 is an attempt to do just that.

It is about taking the best of work, and that could be different things to different people, and earning enough in 3 days of the traditional working week, to thrive and grow by undertaking challenges that inspire and results in financial returns to continue having the best of work and also keep relevant in the ever-changing world. One could embark on corporate consulting based on previous expertise as an example.

It is about focusing and dedicating 1 day of the traditional working week on continual learning and self-development, and undertaking activities that assist others in developing to their full potential. One could embark on mentoring others, or public speaking as motivational experiences for others whilst pursuing hobbies, attending professional development sessions, etc.

And finally it is about dedicating 1 day of the traditional working week doing work, voluntarily for organisations that would welcome this effort in making the world a better place.

This could be a 3+1+1 Work, Life and Persona model with a focus on integrating all aspects that are required for a balanced life, and one that acknowledges the great benefits of work as necessary for generating an income, but also as a means of expression of one’s talents and ambitions.

It also acknowledges that unless one has breathing space for doing the things that make us who we are, and often this is through life experiences beyond work, there could be regrets in the later years.

Finally, it allows for individuality to be expressed in whatever form one chooses. Work and life do not define the persona. The individual, in realising their true ambitions and talents, express their persona – the essence of self. Often, this is what people identify with and relate to when they meet someone.

3+1+1 results in a multiplier satisfaction effect and hence 3+1+1=10.

This may be a model for those who are seeking new career transitions, have some capital as back up, and an entrepreneurial streak. But fundamentally, it is about seeking and attaining more out of life.

There is a certain point, where one needs to assess if this is for them. It certainly is not for all.