30:45:60- Are we there yet? Not on your life…

How often in your life and career have you been judged over the hill?

And how have landmark years like 30 or 45 or 60 seemed like hurdles rather than milestones that enable you to reassess and review how your life and career are going?

It is often said that some people are lucky in life, careers, choices, etc. but one has only to look at how those people invested time, effort and sacrificed short term gains for long term success. They have created new destinies that suit their personas and not lived the norm.

Indeed, their journey would have had challenges, but they would be the first to say that they had no regrets.

The process of ageing has a profound purpose. In youth, one aspires for different things, and dynamic adventures, thrill seeking travel, and all things fast appeal. As one fulfills those desires, often career fulfillment and achievements along with material possessions takes precedence.

As one approaches the later years, reflective practices and choice travels take the foreground and a sense of fulfillment borne out of taking the “road not often trodden” allows one to be adventurous again- in whatever way one chooses.

Some pursue social and community work, others opt to support those in need beyond their family circles, and yet others take to hobbies that they always wanted to pursue but arguably did not have the time for.

Whatever one chooses, there needs to be a plan, a goal, and a new sense of purpose as the new journey is yet another career choice- albeit in the unconventional work sense.

Keep abreast of technology, embrace the changes in the world, capitalise on your strengths to support new ventures, get involved in making the world a better place and provide the wisdom for others to succeed.

Are we there yet? Not on your life…………….