Consultancy services

In order to lift the capability and productivity of companies, BTS brings together the expertise gained through working in major change initiatives in the transport, management and leadership education, insurance and finance education, and power industries and offers consultancy services in the following:

  • Change Management: The greatest challenge in industry is the management of change. Shifts in the direction of companies as a result of economic, technological, social, environmental, political and global influences requires strong change management prowess. Strategic intent and a shift in the direction of the company must be supported by a very structured change management program if the benefits of the vision are to be realised. Bringing the expertise of large-scale and significant change management programs including the Toyota Change Leader program, the privatization of the Public Transport Corporation (PTC), Victoria, change in the corporate education direction and offerings at Technical and Further Education (TAFE), and the insurance and finance sector, BTS works with the executive team and staff involved, in ensuring that the change is embraced and  becomes part of normal business. Included in this service is a change management workshop that enables frank and fearless discussions on the pros and cons of the change in order to identify and manage risks and come up with strategies to streamline the change process.
  • Risk Management:  Anticipating risks to business as well as gauging the appetite for risk is a delicate balance in companies. The management of risk to enable the company to grow strategically is critical. BTS interacts with the executive and senior managers to enable the setting up of risk management frameworks for companies based on AS/NZS ISO31000- Risk Management (and the Quality Improvement Council Standards and Accreditation Program (QICSA) for social and community organisations).  Included in this service is an interactive risk management workshop in order to set the scene, involve the executive and management team and enable a cultural shift within the organisation.
  • Project Management: The challenge of managing projects and programs amid the Business as Usual (BaU) activities, requires a disciplined approach to project management. Capitalizing on the broad and varied experiences in project management in the engineering, management and education fields, and the PMBOK methodology, BTS offers project management services to companies. Included in this consultancy is a project management workshop to align all stakeholders to a common approach to managing projects.
  • Strategic business plans: Developing a strategy for companies is vital for the long-term viability of the business. Articulating  the strategy via a strategic business plan and developing operational plans as well as individual plans is key to the successful communication, engagement and realisation of the strategy.  BTS brings together expertise gained through management and leadership programs in well over 60 companies Australia wide to work with the executive team and nominated staff to develop the strategic business plan. Included in this consultancy is the interactive strategic business planning workshop that enables alignment and engagement of the key stakeholders in the chosen path and direction of the business.
  • Organisational Restructuring and Re-positioning: Restructuring and re-positioning of organisations or departments in order to be responsive to the customer needs as well as realise growth targets can be a very emotional time for executives within organisations. Having led and undertaken substantial change in the financial services, education and transport industries, BTS brings substantial experience and expertise  in change management to support the company in developing strategies and organisational structures to manage the change.
  • Financial Services and Management and Leadership Education: Lifting the educational standards of the financial services industry as well as development of management and leadership education is critical for building high performing individuals for industry. BTS, through experience in education, representation on advisory committees as well as commentary at speaker sessions, brings expertise in both education disciplines and offers consultancy services to the industry.
  • Transport and Power industry leadership: Capitalizing on the vast experience and expertise in the power and transport industry, BTS provides guidance, support and strategy to companies that need to improve their productivity and profile and capitalise on the market opportunities as a result of the changing industry.