Clim Pacheco 

Director, Business Transformation Solutions

Business management consultant with an aim to create brighter futures for individuals, companies and countries through transfer of expertise, life skills and insights gained from executive management careers in financial services (insurance and finance), transport, education (management and leadership) and engineering (power and transport).


Clim is the Director of Business Transformation Solutions (BTS), a consultancy specialising in risk management, change management, project management, strategic planning and executive mentoring (management and leadership) within corporate companies as well as in the not for profit sector.

With a social and community focus to complement the consultancy services offered, Clim volunteers his time to social and community organisations in order to lift the profile of the organisations and assist those in need of help.

He is a widely travelled and internationally experienced leader in the fields of management, engineering, education and financial services in various organisations in Australia, India and the United Arab Emirates with a strong reputation for achievement of financial and service delivery targets.


Clim has written and published a book “Dare to be different, dare to be you” on management and leadership incorporating his life stories and experiences.


Born in Uganda, East Africa and qualified as an Electrical Engineer with a MBA , a Graduate Diploma in Vocational Education and Training, a Diploma in Financial Planning, Diploma of Project Management and a Cert IV in Government, Clim’s particular skills include strategic planning, policy formulation, organisational restructuring, change management, industrial and human relations and employee development in the private and public domains. Clim undertook a program on Global Strategic Management at Harvard Business School, Boston.

Insurance and Finance:

Previously, Clim was the General Manager, Education and Knowledge Management at the Australian and New Zealand Institute of Insurance and Finance (ANZIIF), a membership organisation with 16,000 members in 50 countries and students in 30 countries. His role included managing the research, development and provision of educational material and corporate consultancy outcomes for the insurance, risk and financial planning personnel and corporate clients globally.

In this role, Clim led the development of the Insurance Training Framework for the Malaysian insurance industry, the articulation of the ANZIIF educational programs to the Masters of Insurance and Risk and MBA with specialisation in Insurance and Risk qualifications at Deakin University and developed a mentoring program for the ANZIIF members. Clim also developed the Project Management Office (PMO) for ANZIIF.

Prior to taking on the General Manager role, Clim was the Senior Manager, Client Strategy and the Education Consultant at ANZIIF. This role involved working with corporate clients in the insurance industry in tuning educational programs to the needs of industry.

Advisory Committees:

Clim is currently on the Australian Centre for Financial Services (ACFS) Insurance Research Reference Group, and on the Central Queensland University MBA Advisory Board.

Clim was on the peak advisory body for the Financial Services industry in Australia (Sector Advisory Committee for the Australian Financial Services Training Package) and on the peak advisory committee for the review of the New Zealand Financial Services Educational Framework and the Innovation and Business Skills Australia (IBSA) National Project Reference Group and the Strategic Development Council of Catherine Booth College (Salvation Army). Besides this, he was on the Deakin University Graduate Commerce Advisory Board, the RMIT Management and Commerce Advisory Board and also on the Advisory Committee of the ACFS.

Management and Leadership education:

His prior experience as Head of the Management and Leadership Department at Chisholm Institute included development of the Graduate Certificate in Management program and articulation to the MBA program at Deakin University, the Toyota Change Leader program and management and leadership educational consulting within 60 organisations and subsidiaries Australia wide and overseas.

Executive management- Transport (Trains, Trams, Bus, Freight and Passenger Rail):

Previous roles included management at the Senior Executive Group Manager level of the Victorian State public transport system (electrified and non-electrified Rail, V/Line Passenger and Freight, Tram and Bus infrastructure networks) including working with the Transport Reform Unit of the Department of Treasury and Finance in the privatisation of the system.

Engineering – Power Transmissions, Distribution and Generation:

Clim undertook engineering (220KV power transmission, 33KV / 11KV power distribution) roles  in the Department of Water and Electricity, Government of Abu Dhabi, UAE and hydro-electric power generation roles at Tata Electric Company (TEC), India.

Environmental engineering- Solar energy, gobar gas:

Clim has a keen interest in environment management and whilst in TEC, India, developed the first solar water heater system and solar cooker in India in 1978. He also worked in the team that worked to develop an environmentally friendly village incorporating piped gas from a gobar gas plant, piped water from the hydro power station and solar cooking.


Clim is a Fellow of the Institute of Engineers Australia, a Chartered Fellow of the Institute of Management and Leadership Australia and New Zealand, a Chartered Manager of the Chartered Management Institute, a Fellow of the Australian and New Zealand Institute of Insurance and Finance, an Associate member of the Australian Centre for Financial Studies, and a member of the Australian Institute of Project Management.

Travel, sports and life experiences:

Behind the serious side of work, Clim has enjoyed experiences such as rafting in hippo infested waters of Lake Victoria, Uganda, Nile Perch fishing in the River Nile, the solitude of the lakes and forests in Andhra Valley Hydro Electric Power Station, India, trekking in the deserts of Al Ain, United Arab Emirates, camping in igloos and white water canoeing in Victoria, Australia, exploring the wonders of and a night’s camping on Antarctica, wandering the streets of New York, Entebbe, Suva, Buenos Aires, Dubai, London, Amsterdam, Mumbai, Toronto, Shanghai, Kuala Lumpur, Hong Kong and Cairo and taking in the beautiful sights of Machu Pichhu, the Grand Canyon, Niagara Falls, the Ruwenzori Mountains and the Taj Mahal.

In earlier times, Clim enjoyed sports and had a passion for hockey (represented Tata Electric Companies, IIT Bombay), table tennis, tennis, cricket, badminton and soccer but now indulges in easier hobbies such as reading, writing and reflecting…..