Supporting the consulting services offered by BTS, but also as standalone offerings, BTS delivers half day and/or one day workshops to lift the awareness and form a baseline standard for organisations wishing to embark on strategic interventions and change management:

  • Change management: Adapting to the changing world and being more strategic in managing change is critical for organisations. BTS offers half day and one day workshops (could be broken into two half day sessions) on managing change within the context of the needs of the company. The workshops are interactive and for the one day sessions, BTS encourages the management of the company to co-deliver some sections, if they so desire, in order to assist in the contextualising to the company requirements.
  • Strategic business planning: Hands on development of business plans is the intent of these workshops. BTS offers a day session (could be broken into two half day sessions) and the ideal timeline is when the company is preparing for its strategic planning process or needs to get staff ready to think strategically because of some challenges that the company is facing.
  • Risk Management: Company risk is increasing due to the various outside influences including social media, cyber risk, regulation, compliance, health and safety,  reputational risk, staff turnover, etc. This workshop, based on AS/NZS ISO31000- Risk Management  (and the Quality Improvement Council Standards and Accreditation Program (QICSA) for social and community organisations), is to assist companies to understand and manage risk and not look only at the down side of risk but also the up side and benefits of risk i.e. risk appetite. BTS offers a day session (usually broken into two half day sessions) and this enables the participants to get a risk management psyche and culture that reduces the incidents in companies.
  • Leadership and management: In todays’ world, distributed and transformational leadership are key to leading and managing complex organisations. Developing leadership capabilities allows the executive and other aspiring managers to think innovatively as well as empowers the staff to raise productivity levels. BTS brings the expertise gained through leading massive change programs (Toyota Change Leader program, PTC Executive Development Program, PTC privatisation program, M&K Lawyers Leadership in Action program, etc) in industry. This workshop aims to set the scene for leadership thinking, whilst still showing that management is key to successful execution of the company strategy. BTS offers a half day as well as a one day session (usually broken into two half day sessions).
  • Project Management: Todays work environment lends itself to running projects and programs to successful conclusions. This complements the “Business as Usual” (BAU) activities that is a natural part of work. BTS offers a one day session (usually broken into two half day sessions) project management workshop based on the PMBOK methodology as this methodology is a practical one that allows participants to embrace project management without the jargon coming in the way.
  • Time management: Moving from one activity to another and not feeling in control of time is the essence of todays’ world. It need not be the norm, and the half day time management workshop that BTS offers aims to bring back control to individuals, managers and executives.
  • People and team management: New models of work teams and management of teams require an understanding of the fundamental needs of the company outcomes and the needs of individuals. BTS offers a one day (can be broken into two half day sessions) people and team management workshop and provides the participants with key models in managing people and teams.
  • Metrics, measurement and financial management: Success comes to those who understand and utilise numbers and targets in their day-to-day and month-to-month activities and measure progress towards attaining outcomes. BTS offers a one day (usually broken into two half day sessions) to instill or reinforce the values of metrics and measurement in business. Key indicators from the business are utilised to bring to life the success measures of the business to participants.