Contributing to a better world


We all wish to make a difference in the world- to enable others who are in need of help and support, to enjoy the life that we have.

My concern was that as a small business, I could not make any impact in the world, but only in the local region that I worked.

Imagine my elation when I heard about B1G1 and its wonderful concept of giving to projects around the world and help build wells for the community, enable children get an education, provide books for the needy, provide clothing for the youth, and so many more causes.

When I earn through the consulting, mentoring or lecturing work I undertake via Business Transformation Solutions, I contribute a portion of those earnings to projects sponsored by B1G1 globally.

In this way, your work with me contributes to making the world a better place, albeit in a very small way, but a step in the right direction.

This is the impact of your “giving” enabled through the projects I have undertaken with you:

And this is the span of “giving” that is enabled as a result of the projects we have undertaken together: