It’s time to tip Maslow on its head….

The world is in a spin.

Covid has enabled us to question all that we did, thought, fancied, and considered normal.

For years, Maslow’s hierarchy of needs and theory on motivation stood the test of time- and for many, will continue to be the driving force.

But could it be time to review this belief?

We now look for balance in life and work.

We now look towards humanity and the environment being worthy of consideration- indeed an imperative.

We now look for true meaning and purpose in life.

When one looks at the pyramid of Maslow, with its huge base focused on physiological needs, the natural tendency has been to look at work and earning, and accumulation of wealth as a means of security and for some, power. A lot of time was spent in the workplace, indeed an inordinate amount of time, at the expense of family and social pursuits. Hence the large base representing time spent on these pursuits.

The diagram above is my humble attempt at looking at our needs through a different lens that reflects the times and challenges of today.

We now see the need for balance or at least integration of work and life, with no major focus on either. My eight year focus on the “Earning, Learning and Giving” 3+1+1=10 Life Work Model might still be an utopia, but is being played out in a Covid world and will come to the forefront in a post Covid world.

Realisation that the environment has to be cared for, and exploitation of natural resources is not sustainable, means a refocus on what really matters- power and wealth or humanity and caring.

Support for those in need rather than a total focus on self at the cost of the livelihood of others will bring a more equitable and fairer world.

Giving our time to the welfare of others will bear fruit.

In a world drowned by fake news and gloom and doom, there is hope. It is in each of us being selfless and looking at humanity as a goal to pursue.

Thus, I am advocating for flipping Maslow on its head- spend less time and energy on self, naturally without compromising health, and the means to live, but spend more time and focus on doing more for society.

Maslow will always remain a guiding light. But flipping it now and going for more time and energy spent on society, values, ethics, truth and justice and others and making the world a better place, will bear lasting fruits.

Hence the need for the flip- more time for others, less focus on self.

That should be our #motivation#needs and #lifepurpose.

The youth have already seen it. They are showing us the way.

Let the rest follow suit.