Is it time for a Post-Covid Self-Audit?

With the vaccination programs bringing hope of a Post-Covid world, or at least a change from the hitherto feeling of despair and uncertainty, is it time for a #PostCovidSelfAudit?

There is still a way to go to get to the #NewNormal and there might be a #DynamicTransitionSemiNormal interim state, but there may be merit in preparing for a Post-Covid world.

The opportunity for a step change or a radical change in lifestyle and work, has presented itself, but it appears that the biggest discussions have been whether to have a hybrid model of work, with a few days of the week at the office and the rest working from home. Some discussions have been on changing careers and doing something different.

This is encouraging, but there must be more that we can do or think of doing.

Reflecting on Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs (1943, 1954), with so many losing jobs, their livelihoods, their businesses, etc,, there is definitely a need for many to go back to basics- and look at the physiological needs and sadly start again. This is the sad toll of the pandemic.

However for those who were able to retain their jobs, work from home and still earn a salary, and were buffered from the tragic events, there appears to be a rush back to doing what was being done before- engaging in the rat race, capitalizing on the swings in the stock market and rushing into money making ventures, investing in property with a vengeance due to low interest rates, unhappy with what one has and getting into the “I want more, and more, even if I do not need it” mode, etc.. This is essentially circling in the “more is better” race, and not being able to know what is enough in a world dominated by materialism and consumption.

A rush to capitalize on the misfortune of others seems acceptable in such a world obsessed with wealth and power.

There should be a pause.

#Covid should have taught us some fundamental lessons. It struck everyone in the globe, did not discriminate between the rich or the poor, decimated some economies, caused tensions between citizens in countries, and generally should have been a wake up call to what is really important going ahead in the future. It also showed many the importance of family and friends.

It is a wonderful time to reflect on what one should stop doing, what one should continue doing, and what one should do differently in life.

Deciding to do a self-audit was an important step for me and my business, Business Transformation Solutions. This journey commenced 8 years ago in 2013 when I decided to resign from corporate life and devote time to social and community causes.

But it was important to review where I and the business stand.

The self-audit resulted in the inverted pyramid of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs to reflect how much time I wanted to devote to the things that really matter.

Hopefully the diagram above is a starting guide for reviewing the future path for a better and more considerate world.