It is not often that one gets the opportunity to take time out to reflect on the turning points in ones life- those critical moments that shaped ones character, values, principles, destiny, career, family- and provide the insights for others to think about, as well as thank all those who played such a critical role in who one is today.

Dare to be different, dare to be you“- a life journey through goal setting, management and leadership was written with that singular purpose.

I embarked on that journey on 19 February 2018, having written two unpublished autobiographies- the first in the deserts of Al Ain in the UAE at the age of 30, the second at 45, in Melbourne, Australia, on resigning from Public Transport Corporation, Victoria – but decided that this book, initially intended to be written at 60, would be published and capture the essence of life and experiences in Africa, India, the United Arab Emirates and Australia.

Written with the aim of documenting our family history, its aim was also to capture the challenges of migration, of assimilating in new countries, accepting different cultures, of bringing up a family whilst pursuing career aspirations, and finding one’s purpose in a rapidly changing world .

Ones career aspirations and direction often influences and impacts on life, and having a strong urge to seek new challenges through work and travel, shaping life through goal setting was a very strong feature and driving force. I was determined to change careers from engineering to management at 30, embark on a career to help others at 45 in the sphere of management and leadership education and free fall at 60 to do whatever I fancied, but the critical factor was to do good for others through social and community ventures.

The underlying theme of the book shows the early influences that led to a career in management and leadership, and the trials, highs and lows of the journey, to enable reflection on what it means to be given the opportunity to lead change in various industries including engineering, education, insurance and finance, and challenge oneself to set up a sole trader business at 60 and later embark on a life as an author. Learnings from these experiences are shared in the book.

As it is impossible to have such an exciting life without the strong support and guidance of family, friends, workmates, acquaintances, and others, the book acknowledges the wonderful contribution by so many to make life so purposeful and fulfilling.

The book has the ultimate aim of providing tools and insights into living a life with purpose and conviction and as the book suggests, daring to be different, and daring to be oneself.

Clim Pacheco