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BTS Public Speaking- motivation and exploration:

Living life to the full and having the courage to realise seemingly impossible dreams requires vision, strategy, motivation, determination, persistence, family and friends support and heaps of good luck.

Luck seems to come to those that prepare for possibilities and seize the opportunity when it presents itself.

Speaking on the journey of realising seemingly impossible dreams, BTS inspires others to dare to dream, dare to be different and live the life that is filled with wonderful experiences and challenges that are there to be explored.

Autobiographical motivation-Clim Pacheco

BTS has been established on the 3+1+1=10 model developed by Clim in order to balance work, life and personal ambitions using the Prosperity Cycle.

With the aim of addressing aged unemployment as well as youth unemployment, Clim gives talks on unleashing the entrepreneurial spirit in individuals and continuing to be an integral part of the global ideas economy via the 3+1+1=10 model:

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