When is the right time to change careers or life direction?

It is not easy to decide when to change careers or life direction.

A system I have adopted over 38 years of my working life was to do a “where am I” audit (“career or life balance sheet”) on the annual anniversary of the day I joined the company. I would ask myself the following questions:
1. Am I an asset or a liability to the company?
2. Is the company an asset or a liability to me?
If the liabilities exceeded the assets or was fast approaching it, I would review what I really loved to do next, and do it.
This has led to wonderful vastly different careers in various countries in engineering (transport and power), executive management (transport and insurance and finance), education (management and leadership, insurance and finance) and now consulting and social work.

The changes require effort but the rewards are phenomenal.

Is it time to do your “career or life balance sheet”?