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89.9 Light FM Melbourne- a wonderful opportunity


I had not thought about the power of radio for broadcasting messages and to date, Business Transformation Solutions has focused entirely on social media, public speaking and other marketing mediums for creating awareness of the “Earning, Learning and Giving” 3+1+1=10 Life Work model.

It was a truly inspiring meeting, visit and tour of the 89.9 Light FM radio station at Mitcham, Melbourne at the invitation of Jobby Mathew, Business Development Executive, that opened my eyes to this medium of communication as something I will need to now consider.

Destiny plays it part in life, as the chance meeting with Jobby at the Whitehorse Business Group event at Deakin University, was as a result of my acceptance speech at the 2017 Whitehorse Excellence in Business award night, as 89.9 Light FM were the sponsors of the Micro Sole Trader Business Award.

It shows that all forms of marketing need to be considered as the values and beliefs of BTS and its focus on social and community issues and goal to “create better lives” and come up with models to alleviate the issue of unemployment and underemployment in Australia, so very neatly aligns with what 89.9 Light FM is about.

Another chapter in the BTS journey begins.