BTS vision

The BTS vision and mission:

Business Transformation Solutions (BTS) has a simple but profoundly important goal:

  • to empower individuals, companies and countries to realise their vision, mission, careers, life aspirations  and true purpose through education and the development of sound management, leadership, strategic planning and financial management capabilities.

By providing mentoring services to individuals and consultancy services to corporate, social and community organisations and not for profit companies, BTS aims to realise the ultimate vision of “creating brighter futures”.

BTS gains enormous satisfaction through providing advisory and support services on a voluntary basis to nominated social and community services organisations on a day a week basis.

BTS is also a Lifetime Partner in Buy1Give1 (B1G1) and through this contributes, in a very small, meaningful and measurable way, to social and community causes throughout the world.

BTS has been established on the 3+1+1=10 Earning, Learning and Giving Life Work Prosperity model developed by the Director, Clim Pacheco. With the aim to address aged and youth unemployment and underemployment in Australia and internationally, the model integrates life, work and personal ambitions to unleash the entrepreneurial spirit in individuals enabling them to contribute to the ideas economy and become an integral part of the global society.

An avid supporter for raising the standards of management and leadership locally and globally, Clim has written and published a book “Dare to be different, dare to be you”, a life journey through goal setting, management and leadership. Reflecting on his life in Uganda, India, United Arab Emirates and Australia, and careers in power systems engineering, transport engineering, management, leadership, education, insurance and finance and entrepreneurship, and authorship, Clim weaves through the challenges of modern life, migration, global travel and understanding of cultural nuances, raising a family through the highs and lows of management and leadership and career changes, and the desire to live life with a clear purpose and conviction. Through the book, Clim hopes to inspire the youth and others to pursue their dreams with passion and a bounding zest for life.

In 2017, BTS was awarded the “Whitehorse Excellence in Business Award” in the Micro Sole Trader category

In 2021, BTS has been named as “one of the world’s most inspiring businesses”:

BTS inspiration:

BTS draws inspiration from the vision and aspirations of the first United Nations members who set out to be the “architects of a better world”.

Can a small company do its bit to make the world a better place?

BTS is a journey in realising this ideal- a tiny speck in the ocean of need.

Micro Sole Trader


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