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What if…

What if we stopped looking at #success through monetary wealth and possessions and started measuring success through:

– what one does to contribute to the well-being of the community
– how one gives of oneself to others in need
– how one strives to save the environment and make a sustainable world for future generations
– how one advocates for truth and honesty in dealings with others
– how one sacrifices self for others

Would this make for a more caring and sharing world?

Would it make for better decisions in the world?

With the world hurtling towards possessions at the cost of others, spending billions on reaching other planets when we have increasing poverty, increasing homelessness and refugees here on earth, could we start by acknowledging those who care for humanity and do something positive?

Post-Covid, should this be something to try?

Somehow, there needs to be a circuit breaker to this crazy pursuit of wealth and power.

We need to break the cycle for humanity to have a chance for dignity and respect.